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Three local EPs to check out

From vicious punk to gothy new wave to bouncy punk, Pittsburgh artists are pumping it out

Sinister, echoing growls lurk among tumultuous noise throughout the six blistering tracks on this EP. This unrelenting tone feels like being tossed around a cramped mosh pit, but one in which you always get picked up, before hitting the floor and having the chaos consume you.

Painted Eyes — Demo 2018
The group crafts punk rock with jangly riffs and thoughtful guitar solos. The vocals of Matt (bass) and JB (guitar) mingle together to strengthen choruses and build fun harmonies. While the whole EP is bouncy, songs like “Grasp” take a darker tonal turn.

plastic idea — demo.n.stration
demo.n.stration is a dreamily concocted EP that blends post-punk sensibilities with new wave and shoegaze-y sounds to create five songs that permanently plant themselves in your psyche. MJ’s vocals, swimming through a sea of warm instrumentation, are arresting and mesmerizing.

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