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After being mistaken for WTO representatives, two artist-activists -- Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno -- tour the globe to speak on behalf of an organization they oppose, delightedly advocating bizarre positions. Capturing the pair in all their low-fi glory (a $20 used suit, a ready supply of corporate-speak and cheesy PowerPoint slides) are the filmmakers Chris Smith and Sarah Price (American Movie) and Dan Ollman. The film's entertainment lies in our disbelief at what the two put over without comment (advocating remote-controlled slavery, for instance), and the goofy brilliance of their gimmick -- explicating what's inherently wrong with the WTO by taking its positions to logical, if extreme, ends. It's an inspirational and funny romp, a provocative lesson in both global trade policies and how little thought we give them -- and an exposition of the sort of high-minded stunt that gives pranksters, in this age of Jackass, a good name. Squirrel Hill



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