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The Ten

Using the Ten Commandments as guide, host Paul Rudd presents 10 comic vignettes illustrating lessons drawn from the big stone tablets. Loaded with actors -- some well known (Jessica Alba, Justin Theroux), others regulars from TV's The State, David Wain's comedy flops more than it scores. High points include an inspired riff on coveting one's neighbor's goods, as two guys engage in a furious acquisition of CAT-scan machines; and a delicious sick bit of animation about drugs and dogs. Other segments fall prey to being decent sketch gags dragged out way too long. And though there's some overlap from skit to skit, the package never gels as a whole (this can't be helped by Rudd's terribly unfunny bits between Commandments). For the odd laugh though, this is the movie to see to catch Winona Ryder dry-humping a ventriloquist's dummy. Starts Fri., Aug. 31. Squirrel Hill (AH)