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The Perfect Holiday

Director Lance Rivera's got your gift -- a predictable holiday comedy -- wrapped up.

The elves at Santa's satellite workshop in Hollywood know what viewers want: a cinematic potpourri of cute kids, family affirmation and beautiful people falling in love, topped off with fat jokes and comic riffs on idiotic rap stars. Imagine all this in one glorious, if poorly plotted film -- plus cameos from Queen Latifah and Terence Howard as angels! Sweet single mom (Gabrielle Union) tumbles for a sensitive mall Santa (Morris Chestnut) while disentangling from her ridiculous ex-husband, rapper J-Jizzy. C-lister Charlie Murphy gets some laughs as Jizzy, whose holiday album includes such heart-warmers as "I Saw Mommy Cappin' Santa Claus," while Faizon Love checks in as a super-sized elf. The whole affair is as unoriginal and insubstantial as a McDonald's gift card, but if you feel like cheesy, sugary junk food after a long day shopping, you could do worse. [capsule review] (AH)

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