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The Local 913: Kahone Concept

Lots of us dream of starting bands, but finding like-minded musicians to play with can be tough. That’s what happened to Ben Orrvick, the Pittsburgh-via-Oil City native behind the moniker Kahone Concept. 

He says that as a kid he wanted to be a guitar player in a band, but he couldn’t find anyone to play with. So when he got to high school and still hadn’t joined a band, he took matters into his own hands, teaching himself to sing and piece together all the parts of the songs he wanted to make by himself. “One of the benefits is you get to make whatever you want, but the downside is that it’s kind of hard to bounce ideas off of yourself,” Orrvick says. 

In spite of the drawbacks, Orrvick now likes working alone, and his process is bringing him some success, too. He’s got an infectious new single called “Attention Addict” that’s racked up more than 55,000 Spotify plays since it was released in January. 

The success of the new single might be in part because Kahone Concept’s songs have gotten more personal. “Attention Addict” is “about being human and accepting that we have emotions,” Orrvick says. “If you feel sad about something, you feel sad. You don’t need people’s justification to feel the way you do.” That’s true, especially when you have the ability to channel your feelings into a super catchy pop song. 

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