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The Local 913: James Wolff

James Wolff was unintentionally well-positioned for our current crisis. “I had a house in Lawrenceville, but I had to get out,” he says. “The city, I feel like it was taking years off my life, so I got a little cabin outside of the city.”

Soft spoken and thoughtful, it’s not all that surprising that Wolff’s personality drew him away from Lawrenceville and out to a cabin in the woods with his girlfriend and their rabbit. It allows him to focus on simpler things, and when inspiration strikes, he doesn’t have to wait to record a song.

Wolff has been working on the songs on his new Nite Vision EP for a few years now. Although he’s a Pittsburgh native, there’s something that sounds distinctly southern about the EP.

And in fact, some of the songs were penned in Tennessee — Wolff describes writing bluesy slow burner “My Blue” in an unusual circumstance, because that just happened to be when the song came to him: “I wrote it in the backseat of my car — a Hyundai Sonata — on the border of Tennessee and Georgia. It was like two in the morning. It was so hot, but I had to keep the windows up because I didn’t want anyone to call the cops on me.”

You do what you gotta do. Hopefully Wolff’s time outside the city will provide more like his excellent new EP.

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