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The Informers

In this 80s rewind, sex and drugs may not be answer

Gregor Jordan's ensemble dramedy-cautionary tale-slick sleaze-fest is set among the rich movie-biz folks in Los Angeles circa 1983. (It's adapted from Bret Ellis Easton's novel, and Easton co-wrote the screenplay.) The beautiful youth (among them Jon Foster, Lou Taylor Pucci and a barely clothed Amber Heard) spend their time modeling Ray-Bans, doing drugs and having multi-partner sex. Whoo, we're dead inside. Their parents (among them Kim Basinger, Billy Bob Thornton and Chris Isaak) have already calcified into brittle, frantic has-beens. Circling this orbit are a TV newscaster (Winona Ryder), a bad guy from Barstow (Mickey Rourke) and a drug-addled British rock star (Mel Raido) and his manager (Rhys Ifans). I get that it's meant to be a portrait of assorted Neros fidldling -- heard about this new gay cancer? -- but really, who cares about these people? Watch if you must for the laughably bad scenes; the intertwining plots that dare to shock (ooh!) and then simply peter out; and the ample nudity. Ironically, most of the time The Informers simply resembles the shiny, shallow lifestyle it's purporting to critique. Starts Fri., April 24.

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