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The Hangover

Four guys hit Las Vegas for a bachelor party. What could go wrong?

The answer, according to Todd Phillips' raucous comedy, is pretty much everything. Or at least that's how it seems when three of the four wake up in a trashed hotel suite with: (1) no memory of the night before; (2) the groom missing; and (3) a tiger in the bathroom. Starting with the smallest of clues -- one guy is sporting a hospital wristband -- the reconstruction begins. The traveling-backward proves to be a good gimmick, breathing new life into a standard night-gone-wild plot; we start with the epic disaster, and follow along as our hapless fellows uncover booze-obliterated memories, all while trying to find the groom. (Think of this as Memento with more yuks and none of the brain-twisting.) Ed Helms (The Office) and Zach Galifianakis, as the dim-bulb brother-of-the-bride, collect most of the laughs, with respectable cameos from Rob Riggle (The Daily Show), Mike Epps and Ken Jeong. Hangover is cheerfully low-brow and vulgar, and some of its jokes could be filed under sexist, racist or otherwise offensive. And in keeping with today's comedy zeitgeist, you'll see more unsightly naked man-flesh than pretty girls disrobed. But if you're looking for easy laughs at guys running around in underpants, this is a keeper. Starts Fri., June 5.