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The Forgiveness of Blood

A drama about a blood feud, set in modern Albania


A dispute between two neighbors in a small Albanian village prompts a blood feud, in Joshua Marston's drama. Thus members of one family go into various states of hiding and confinement based on traditional Albanian "laws." (The particulars of this "justice system" weren't very well explained, and at times, this absence made the plot confusing.) The strictures are particularly hard on the two bright, socially active teen-age children — the young man who is targeted for death if he leaves the house, and the girl who must undertake her father's bread-delivery route. Marston, whose previous film was 2004's Maria, Full of Grace, delivers a slow-burn drama, with more silence than action. The fine young actors carry us through the quieter moments, and the snapshots of contemporary Albania (an odd mix of old and new) are intriguing. In Albanian, with subtitles. Starts Fri., April 20. Harris (Al Hoff)

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