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The Corporation

With an approach that is part Michael Moore, part Adbusters magazine, filmmakers Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan seek to challenge the control corporations have over us, from our DNA on up. It's an ambitious task: Any one of the film's topics -- like the creepy tactics of "guerilla marketing" or a battle over Bolivian water rights -- could have been a movie by itself. Instead, at two-and-a-half hours The Corporation is as sprawling as a multinational, but without the focus. Much of it is engaging: The film notes that corporations count as "persons" for legal purposes, and composes a psychological profile of the type of "person" who would act like our leading corporate citizens. But other sections are pedantic and heavy with talking heads like Noam Chomsky and CEOs. Too, the film somewhat disingenuously makes corporations the bogeyman for our own consumerist lifestyles. In the end, the corporation is us -- which seems a reason to hope and despair. Starts Fri., Aug. 6. Regent Square 2.5 cameras

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