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The Brothers Solomon


Two thirtysomething brothers must provide their comatose dad with a grandchild. Since the pair has zero social skills -- they were home-schooled in the Arctic, then took jobs in Antarctica, rendering them perpetually dateless -- they contract with a surrogate mother. On this flimsy hook director Bob Odenkirk (Let's Go to Prison) hangs enough silly, repetitive and unfunny jokes to make 90 minutes feel like three hours. We all bumble through dating, diapering and dialysis, while Chi McBride pops in occasionally to deliver the film's requisite f-words for the coveted R-for-raunchy rating. (It's all pretty tame, however.) Will Forte (SNL) and Will Arnett (Arrested Development) portray the brothers as wide-eyed, emotionally stunted naifs, who likely don't want a woman so much as each other. (AH)

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Cupid's Undie Run in Pittsburgh, 2024

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