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The Berlin Project reunites for acoustic show Friday at Club Café

In 2009, we heard rumblings from a number of groups in our Bands that Aren't There Anymore file, including The Berlin Project. Although its original October reunion show fell through, members John Garrighan, Chuck Rocha and vocalist Jon Belan (also of Gene the Werewolf and Punchline) will perform this Friday at Club Café

"It's an actual Berlin Project concert, although acoustic," says Garrighan.

The Pittsburgh-based band started in 1995 and released five albums that traced an evolution from ska-punk to anthemic, emotive pop, before breaking up in 2005. "We spent years on tour selling tens of thousands of albums to the Warped Tour crowd," recalls guitarist John Garrighan, who started the band when he was just 14 years old.

When the band broke up, some members formed Gene the Werewolf, while Garrighan worked as a booking agent for the Lucky Artist agency, representing acts that included another defunct Pittsburgh band, Clearview Kills. Eventually he left that field to start his own small business, a "transition from brokering talent to brokering health-care professionals," says Garrighan. He also started a family.

As to whether the band will be reuniting more permanently, Garrighan isn't making any promises. 

"Chuck and I did some shows with Paul Menotiades and Cory Muro from The Composure, filling the empty slots this past summer and fall," he says. "But with Paul back in Punchline, and the rest of us with families and more responsibilities, it is up in the air."

The Berlin Project's show is at 10 p.m. Fri., Jan. 9, with special guests James Menefee from River City High and Long Arms. Visit for tickets ($10) and more info.


Speaking of things that aren't there anymore, with the new year, we're switching things up a bit: This is the final installment of this column under the Signal to Noise header; the following issue will also be the last instance of Manny Theiner's Under the Wire. Watch this space for expanded local-music coverage, with new contributors including CP listings editor Andy Mulkerin and freelancer Margaret Welsh. Turn, turn, turn ... and thanks for reading. 

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