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Stomp the Yard

After he is recruited by a fraternity to join its step-dancing team, a tough kid from L.A. with mad dancing skills finds fellowship and purpose at a black college in Atlanta. Sylvain White's floor-pounder is a paper-thin inspirational story of the tough-skinned underdog who triumphs mentally, morally, on the stage, and gets the girl. Yay! Stomp is a near-carbon copy of 2002's Drum Line, which featured high-steppin' marching bands, right up to the you'll-never-see-it-coming tie-breaker at the big dance-off. There's a full roster of pretty people onboard, most whom can't act their way out of a paper bag. Luckily, enough can step, hop, snap-back, shuffle, crump and breakdance (these sequences also thankfully spare us from more lifeless dialogue). The dancing is fun to watch, but White can't even manage his best asset, and never lets his camera rest for us to enjoy it. (AH)

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Women & Non-binary Bike Summit

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