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Song Spotlight: "Need You Bad' by Sierra Sellers

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"Need You Bad" by Sierra Sellers
At midnight on July 21, Sierra Sellers dropped a new song titled “Need You Bad,” a beautiful, vibrant R&B track that you’ll love singing along to. “Need You Bad” is smooth and balanced, the kind of song you can get lost listening to, and eventually end up with it on a loop. Sellers’ voice soars and is a comfort as the lyrics describe the universal struggle of love and the trials we go through in relationships.

Sellers has steadily become a strong voice in the Pittsburgh music scene. She released the jazzy, moody “Lonely Feels” back in March 2021, and with this new single, we’re hoping for an album in the near future.

“Need You Bad” is the perfect summer groove; the beat is airy and light, the perfect match for Sellers’ delicate vocals. The chorus is a balm that will soothe and delight listeners.

Sellers wrote the song with Jeremy Rosinger, and the lyrics are rich with the complexity of trying to save a relationship:

“How can we mend
When you’re walking away love
I know I said
Some things that were painful
It ain’t the words that hurt, lover
It’s the truth you heard
I can’t tell what’s worse, what would
You prefer
Cause I….

Need you bad
Know I’m hard to be with
But I won’t hold back
Cause I just got to believe in
All of that
I just got to believe in
All the bad
All the bad.”
Listening to the song a few times, you can definitely detect the difference in tone in the chorus that would signify this isn't just about romance. 

"So in the verses, I’m speaking to what would be a significant other, but in the chorus, I’m actually talking about music and how I have to trust this is what I’m meant to be doing despite the loneliness that stems from it and the bad moments when you feel like you’re failing and ready to give up," says Sellers.

“Need You Bad” is available on streaming platforms and Amazon.

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