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Song Spotlight: "Hands Up" by VO2K and Livefromthecity

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Screenshot taken from YouTube
Livefromthecity (left) and VO2k (right)
This song local artists VO2K and Livefromthecity is the summer hit you’ve been waiting for. The video showcases the vibrancy of Downtown Pittsburgh with yellow bridges serving as the backdrop. "Hands Up" is really carried by VO2K's flow and his energy in the video. VO2K and Livefromthecity are both Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artists that have amassed a substantial following for both their technique and lyricism.

VO2K has a lengthy collection of songs that he's performed as either the main attraction or a feature. Recently, Livefromthecity has been lending his songwriting capabilities to other Pittsburgh artists like Brittney Chantele.

As Livefromthecity says in the song “this ain’t what they wanted but its just what they needed.” The song is infectious and energetic, and will definitely liven up any cookout or party you attend this season.

At a little under three minutes, the song's playful beat is just what the city needs. It's a party anthem that definitely makes you want to get into the streets and dance.