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Song Spotlight: "Daydreams" by Jack Swing

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Jack Swing
With their new single “Daydreams,” Pittsburgh’s Jack Swing hits a note with listeners who love this particular blend of funk and rock music. The track feels like a hybrid of these genres, a danceable beat paired with sharp, groovy guitar riffs. The song is sexy and catchy enough to play on repeat throughout the day.

The smooth vocals of Isaiah Ross power through the song. At times cool, and grand at other points, his performance really shows off his range and is clear enough to let the lyrics shine.

“Time will tell why you always find hell in my dome, in my zone.
I'm getting weak in my knees, and you know.
I am sure.
So I'll never cease or change the sheets,
On the chance our minds may meet here,
In my dome.
Tired of walking alone.”

A music video for the song depicts the band, in all of its cool, playing on stage, with Ross playing both himself and a starstruck janitor at the venue. It's a fun video that sees the band flexing their musical prowess as well as their acting chops.

Jack Swing has made a name for itself in the city and beyond, and is definitely worth the hype.

“Daydreams” is now available for streaming on Spotify. The music video can be viewed on YouTube.

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