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Song Spotlight: "All I Know" by The Ghost Club

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The Ghost Club

Pittsburgh native Domenic Dunegan is the frontman to the popular band The Ghost Club. Amassing over 10 million streams across streaming platforms since their 2018 debut, the band is certainly making a name for themselves with Dunegan's vocal style at the forefront.

The Ghost Club's new single "All I Know," released on Mon., May 10, is a fun, synth-heavy, pop-rock anthem that really lets Dunegan's vocals shine. Dunegan is a multi-instrumentalist as well, so his talents lie far beyond his ability to sing. "All I Know" is definitely an infectious song, with snappy lyrics in the chorus that resonate:

"all I know for sure is, we just ain't kids anymore"

With a bright, animated music video by Anthony Cona to accompany it, this song is sure to rack up as many streams as the band's other popular songs like "Antique" or "This Bird Has Flown." Many have likened the band to early records from Brendan Urie fronted band Panic! at the Disco, but I think The Ghost Club has a unique enough sound to stand apart from the comparison, especially with this new single.

"All I Know" captures Dunegan's deep vocals in the beginning, but as the song builds to its end, he reaches higher notes that make the song feel lighter and more playful. I could see this song being played in a bar or at a party as things begin to open and more people get vaccinated. It's also a great song to listen to when you're just walking around solo, like the Dunegan inspired character in the music video. Wherever you play this song, just make sure you play it at maximum volume.

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