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Song Review: Kahone Concept's 'Maybe'

Ben Orrvick, aka Kahone Concept, started out the year with a bang. His first single of 2020, "Attention Addict," was streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify, and garnered the attention local music outlets WYEP and 105.9 The X, among others. So expectations were high for the newest release from the artist.

"Maybe," which dropped today, does not disappoint. Where "Attention Addict" is sunny and light, "Maybe" is a cloudy Pittsburgh day. The indie-pop track opens with a somber tone and a simple, synth-fused keyboard.

"Stood on a ledge / Jump then take three deep breathes in / I land right on a couch / This is where it begins," sings Orrvick.

When drums kick in after the chorus, "Maybe I am not the man you see," the song picks up a bit. Orrvick is coming to terms with himself. Maybe his brain has been playing tricks on him. Maybe if the partner he is singing to would listen, things could get better.

"Maybe" erupts at the end with a sweeping harmony, driving guitar, and indie-rock tingles. Maybe he and his partner talk it out, maybe they don't, but either way, it seems Orrvick has healed a part of himself by simply writing and releasing the song.

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