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Six must-see metal bands at the Deutschtown Music Festival

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Gator Shakes

An all-weekend street-music festival is always a great idea, unless you're a metalhead, in which case the family-minded events are seldom tailored for your tastes. Unless you consider the Deutschtown Music Festival, whose organizers catered the programming with heshers in mind. There is a great assortment of bands to headbang your way through the weekend-long celebration. Here are a few favorites: 

Leprosy: Thirty years going, these extreme-metal stalwarts are planning to provide festival-goers with “carnage.” “I can’t ever imagine not playing or being part of the music scene in one form or another. Plus, it gives me an excuse to drench myself in blood and perform in rotting attire,” says frontman Chris Pawlowski. 9 p.m. Fri., July 12. The Government Center, 519 E. Ohio St., North Side

Oceans to Ash: Making its DMF debut, this quintet plays attack-oriented metal. Having grown a fan base in recent years, the band was humbled by the invitation. “This will be our first time performing on this festival, and we’re very excited to be part of it. We love seeing how much support there is nowadays for Pittsburgh music,” says guitarist Kris Kilohertz. 5 p.m. Sat., July 13. Armory Print Works, 509 Tripoli St., North Side

Gator Shakes: 2019’s DMF marks a return for this metalcore foursome, who are happy to perform at the event a second time. “Honestly, our first year performing at DMF was a bit nerve-wracking. We weren’t used to mixed-genre shows so we didn’t know how the crowd would react to us. But it ended up being our favorite show to date,” says vocalist Jake Morgan. 7 p.m. Sat., July 13. St. Mary’s Lyceum, 910 Chestnut St., North Side

The Night’s Watch: This power trio does not shy away from channeling its progressive influences into a very loud, metallic package. This year marks the band’s third appearance at DMF, one that frontman J.D. Rau promises will be very loud. “People tend to be surprised by how much sound comes out of just three people.” 7 p.m. Sat., July 13. Armory Print Works, 509 Tripoli St., North Side

Only Flesh: Noted for its shock theatrics, these DMF first-timers are bringing their “mixed cocktail of metal, punk, and a dash of industrial” sound and “shock” to unsuspecting festival-goers. “For those attendees that have seen our live performances or YouTube videos know we will be sure to go overboard to entertain and even shock onlookers with hooks, blood, sparks, sideshow and more,” says vocalist Revina Lower. 8 p.m. Sat., July 13. Straub Stage at Constance St. North Side

Shrouded in Neglect: This self-described groove and death metal hybrid happily jumped at the opportunity to perform for fans who may not otherwise ever attend a metal show, regardless of their late start-time, which the band is embracing. “Playing late at a festival of this magnitude puts a lot of pressure on us to make people feel like staying late was worth it. I can promise everyone who decides to stick it out and see us play, we won’t disappoint you,” says guitarist Nate Kepner. 11 p.m. Sat., July 13. Pittsburgh Winery Satellite, 709 East St., North Side

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