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Silver Car Crash releases Resource Body on Crafted Sounds

The post-punk release channels Ought and Bauhaus

Silver Car Crash
Resource Body
Crafted Sounds

Silver Car Crash’s Resource Body is an eerie album, twisting and turning in on itself in waves of post-punk and riffy rock. It begins with “Curse in the Pines,” a stormy, driving intro that gives way to the swelling soundscape intro of “Medicine,” a song with clearer baritone vocals and a more easygoing, jangly feel. “Medicine” also has the best bass riff on the record; listen for it in the first section of the instrumental bridge. 

Other tracks, like the playfully left-right-panned “Primitive Science” and “Change” have a more grungy, punk-rock feel, with enough reverb to maintain the post-punk vibe. Instrumental “Resource (No Pittsburgh)” and the meandering album-closer, “Blood on Vanessa,” lean very hard into the Bauhaus energy. The tracks feel very late-1970s, early-’80s goth, with the sinister tone of the song somehow beckoning you to dance in the middle of a grimy dance floor.  

For Fans Of: Ought, L Shaped Man by Ceremony, Bauhaus