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Seven Bucks a Hit

we let it dissolve under our tongues wet from warm sips of Lion's Head      waiting      waiting for something to happen      we drive to McDonalds      I order a Big Mac      a lemonade  see a bush move without wind      smudges from bare feet against the window swirl off and back on again      my burger crawling with sesame seeds      the meat has worms burrowing in it      my lemonade tastes green      Cory shows up      it's his acid       I see his anger        heat waves around his head      Tyler drives us to the Pink Floyd Laser show      we go there too late and miss it      I'm confused      we drove 200 miles per hour to get there      I light a cigarette      stand in the middle of the compass painted on the ground in front of the Carnegie Science Center      watch the trail of colors it draws as I pull it to my lips      green blue red      we go to Mt. Washington      the buildings of Pittsburgh collapse on themselves      stretch up towards the clouds like accordions      the reflection of lights on the Monongahela skim across like mosquitoes over a birdbath      rows of houses behind us      each has a face      their windows bulging eyes      their doors opening to swallow us      we walk to Mandy's      listen to Something by The Beatles      Josh is in deep sleep      face to floor      we wake him      there are flies on his ass      we tell him but he won't listen      we try to sleep      we can't      we watch the sunrise and watch bad '80s music videos      our muscles ache      her mom comes downstairs      she says there is a dead dog in the backyard      wants Tyler to bury it      we laugh      unsure of what to say

— Katelyn Britton

Katelyn Britton works at Cigna Group Operations as a long-term disability claim manager and lives in Crafton. Many writers featured in Chapter & Verse are guests of Prosody, produced by Jan Beatty and Ellen Wadey. Prosody airs every Saturday morning on 90.5 FM.

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