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Run All Night

A lot of people get killed when two former criminal partners get in a dispute

The best scene in this movie has Ed Harris and Liam Neeson, vets of the New York City criminal milieu, reminiscing over drinks, while trying not to kill each other. ("I am the only one who ever cared about you, and all that ended when you shot my son.") Unfortunately, most of Jaume Collet-Serra's thriller is simply these two and their proxies firing guns, interspersed with some running and soulful man-brooding. (For novelty, the final fight between these two silverbacks features flaming sticks.) The plot can be summed up as "kill him, or die trying," and offers every hackneyed set-up from railyard by night and Irish bar to boxing gym and sprawling housing project. Seemingly unavailable for appearances: fruit stand and warehouse full of boxes.

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