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Rocky Balboa

Yikes, Rocky 6! Still starring Sylvester Stallone, who also wrote and directed. Former champ Rocky Balboa is back in South Philly, living on fumes of his boxing career. A bit of PR nonsense and Rocky's own unresolved frustrations converge -- and unthinkably, the over-the-hill Rocky steps up to fight the current undefeated champ Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver). It's a very familiar story, a book-end remake of 1976's Rocky -- the blue-collar underdog with no chance but plenty of heart, whom we root for, win or lose. Burt Young returns as Rocky's cranky brother-in-law Paulie, and emotionally bruised single-mom Marie (Geraldine Hughes) stands in for Adrian, now deceased. Rocky himself is back to being a likeable nobody. This latest (and hopefully last) chapter is wholly predictable, but hardly the worst of the Rocky oeuvre. It's like slipping on an old, worn-out sweater: Can't rave much about it, but it's comfy in its familiar way. (AH)

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