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It's a comic-crime-thriller-ectoplastic mess that even Jeff Bridges can't save


Um, Robert Schwentke's sci-fi action comedy is bad. Bad in ways too numerous to recount here, but here's a few thoughts. (1) Not every comic book makes a convincing leap to the big screen. This tale of dead cops chasing down other dead people (who appear to be living) in order to prevent lots of actual dead people from falling from a giant fan in the sky will convince you that story-telling is dead. At best, R.I.P.D. is like a knock-off Men in Black, cast with Ghostbusters extras. (2) Poor Ryan Reynolds. Look, he's not a great actor, but it must be doubly painful to spend the whole movie paired with the scene-stealing hambone that is Jeff Bridges playing a wise-cracking Old West marshal. (3) The special effects look especially dated. Ooooh, ominous dark swirling cloud. (4) If you make it to the end, there is a scene lifted from Ghost. That is not a good thing. (5) Jeff Bridges, let us never speak of this again. In 3-D, in select theaters.

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