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Reunited the Rubins

A dysfunctional family tries to pull it together for the holidays, in this English dramedy


A fractious Jewish family tries to come together for the sake of their ailing mother, in Yoav Factor's London-based dramedy. Most of the burden falls on Lenny (Timothy Spall), who must cajole, threatened and bribe his adult children into attending the seder meal. The grown kids are in prolonged feuds and it's not surprising, given how differently they've turned out: Danny (Battlestar Galactica's James Callis) is a go-getter deal-maker; his sister is a human-rights activist in the Congo; and his two brothers are a Buddhist monk and Orthodox rabbi, respectively. The set-up is a bit sitcom-ish, and the execution toggles between frantic and maudlin. It all plays out as you'd expect, but then again, folks do like a story about families learning to come together, however hackneyed. 7 p.m. nightly Sun., June 10, through Tue., June 12. Hollywood, Dormont