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Repo Men

Futuristic thriller about medicine goes for guts rather than brains

In the near future, you can buy a replacement organ for your body, but if you miss a payment, repo men come and take it back. It's just a job for repo man Remy (Jude Law) -- until an accident leaves him wired up with an artificial heart he can't afford. To avoid dying at the hands of his former partner (Forest Whitaker), he goes on the lam, aided by another organ-debtor (Alice Braga). This could have been a smart dystopic thriller. Honestly, with the current fraught state of profit-driven health care, this situation seems almost plausible. But the film, directed by Miguel Sapochnik, barely gives lip-service to privatization of health care, or the creation of an underclass that literally cannot afford to save its own life. Instead, the for-pay organ biz is played for laughs, and the frantic state of those in health-care debt is simply the catalyst for a standard guy-on-the-run-from-his-former-self actioner. It ends up being junky entertainment (much of it derived from similar thrillers), and not a good evening out for the squeamish: A lot of still-alive bodies get cut open.

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