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Rachel Getting Married

Good performances help juice up an padded family melodrama

Fresh out of her latest rehab, needy, damaged Kym (Anne Hathaway) arrives at her sister's wedding, and re-ignites long-simmering emotions in a family still recovering from an earlier tragedy. Jonathan Demme's melodrama, based on a script by Jenny Lumet, has plenty of fireworks, but the high drama is tempered by the giddiness and camaraderie of the ongoing wedding. (Some emotional rawness is also muted by the sheen of the family's high-end Bohemian Connecticut life -- the house is simply gorgeous!) It's a showy role for Hathaway -- acting manic, childish, deeply sad -- but she performs ably. She has good supporting work from Rosemarie DeWitt, as her angry, long-suffering sister, Rachel, and Bill Irwin and Debra Winger as her variously ill-equipped parents. But like the impaired wedding guest, Demme's film overstays its welcome -- the director pads the cast with too many of his world-music buddies (as guests and performers) -- and the earlier intensity peters out into a sleepy denouement. Starts Fri., Oct. 24. (AH)