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Quarantunes with TV's NORM

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Photo: Zach Bird
We're stuck at home. Musicians are stuck at home. We're looking for entertainment. Musicians are looking to entertain. So Pittsburgh City Paper is working with Pittsburgh artists and bands to bring you Quarantunes, a series of at-home performances to bring a little enjoyment to your day.

After four years together, TV's NORM has a few singles, an EP, and performances alongside established indie acts such as Paws, Melkbelly, Bethlehem Steel, and Stuyedeyed under their belt. This summer, they add an LP to their repertoire. Wonder, the three-piece indie rock band's debut album, will be released on Steel City Death Club Recordings.

Made up of James Conley (drums), Tom Chorba (bass, vocals, and vox), and Evan Mulgrave (guitar, vocals, and vox), their music draws influences from punk, 90's indie rock, and '80s alternative while combining sardonic lyrics and off-kilter pop sensibilities.

During their time at home, TV's NORM started a
Quarantine Acoustic Series. Mulgrave submitted their first one, a performance of their 2018 track Novocaine, for today's Quarantunes. Listen to the song and find out more about Mulgrave, below.

How are you adjusting to your new day-to-day routine?

Pretty OK, all things considered. I've been staying busy on creative projects, watching terrible '80s and '90s straight to video movies and reading a lot. It's similar to my old day-to-day routine, except now I stay up until 5 a.m. and I no longer have a job.

Name a song that you feel encapsulates our current state.
TV's NORM - "Everything is so Fucked Up." We are shameless.

What's been your favorite way to spend your time at home?
Reading for sure. I typically read a good bit but this has been a great time to start working through the backlog of books I've picked up over the past couple of years. I just read The Sellout by Paul Beatty and Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami, both were excellent.

Tell us about the craziest dream you've had while quarantined.
I have a recurring dream about Kevin Sorbo, documented here.

Are you working on any projects right now?
We are finishing up our debut LP Wonder which will be out later this year and continuing to put out our Quarantine Acoustic Session videos. I have a comedy series I make called Grime Time, we just started our third season, so that has been keeping me pretty busy as well.

How can people support your music during this time?
Pick up the new Steel City Death Club Compilation on Bandcamp, pick up some of our merch on Bandcamp or listen to our music on your streaming service of choice. My dad likes Deezer, so maybe check us out there.