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Point Break

Some ridiculous plot holds together extreme-sports stunts in this pointless remak

A former extreme athlete turned FBI agent goes undercover with a crew of extreme-sports enthusiasts who might also be staging extreme heists. I wish I could add “extreme” to this film’s accolades, but at best, Ericson Core’s reboot of the 1991 neo-classic is extremely pointless. The plot makes zero sense — some mystical eco-quest that involves snowboarding and dropping looted bills on Mumbai, all to pay back Gaia — and offers gripping dialogue like “That’s the difference between us — all you see is lies, we see the truth.” 

All Point Break has in its favor is nice Alpine scenery and some cool extreme-sports stuff, like big-wave surfing and wing-suit flying. But you might as well hit up one of the many available extreme-sports documentary showcases for this hot-doggery, and spare yourself the flat acting, the random Eurotrash rave scenes and the forced bromance babble. Like one of the bearded cool dudes says, “It’s time to choose which side you’re on.”