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Poor Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis) has been browbeaten into neurotic hysteria by her domineering, joyless mother. A breakdown puts her under the care of a kind psychiatrist (Claude Rains) who coaches Charlotte to live again. She blossoms, physically and emotionally, a testament to the benefits of modern psychoanalysis -- not to mention the rejuvenating powers of a six-month sea cruise complete with love affair. And what an affair with the sensitive architect (Paul Henreid), marked by camellias, cinema's most swoony cigarette-smoking, gorgeous gowns and Max Steiner' sad, sweet musical score. Irving Rapper directs this 1942 star vehicle -- one of Hollywood's greatest melodramas, noteworthy for its mature, uplifting yet bittersweet end. An excellent mid-winter weepie. Three and a half

Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary
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Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary

By Mars Johnson