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New Releases

Recent music from Save Us from the Archon and Don Strange & the Doosh Bears

Save Us from the Archon
(Seizure Man)

Sometimes chaotic, sometimes mathy and precise, and sometimes beautiful and intricate, Save Us From the Archon has created a complex and gorgeous record. There are nods to the classic Pittsburgh math-rock without the sense of arrested development that sometimes comes with bands trying to recreate the '90s. There are moments that are reminiscent of post-rock heavy-hitters like Envy. Then, out of nowhere, it's ambient sound and cunningly manipulated feedback. Expect big stuff from these young locals.

SAVE US FROM THE ARCHON CASSETTE RELEASE. 6 p.m. Fri., June 27. Smiling Moose, 1306 E. Carson St., South Side. $10. All ages. 412-431-4688 or

Don Strange & the Doosh Bears

Don Strange brings what we might think of as anti-folk on steroids: Clever, sometimes funny songwriting, with jangly guitars, but often a bit more driving than anything most of us would call "folk." There's a certain melancholy beneath Strange's humorous façade, and it's clearly meant to be found — the namesake of the song "Imaginary Foe" is silly to think about, but also easy to identify with. Strange is one of our more intriguing local entries right now; any survey of the Pittsburgh music scene should probably include this endearing outlier.

DON STRANGE & THE DOOSH BEARS CD RELEASE with THE 65S, DOS MONSTER TRUCKS. 10 p.m. Fri., June 27. Club Café, 56 S. 12th St., South Side. $7. 412-431-4950 or

Women & Non-binary Bike Summit
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Women & Non-binary Bike Summit

By Mars Johnson