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New Releases

Recent music from Troxum, Sephus Lee and Ira Soul

Gaia Omen

Five songs of synth-based, mid-paced, sometimes-danceable pop, though dancing isn't necessarily the purpose here — Troxum brings us shimmering musical contemplations and encourages reflection throughout. The pervading sound is spacey and fantastic, jibing with the thematic elements about Earth, its parts and its environs. A nice, easy listen, but with depth; recommended.


Sephus Lee
Heard It Tell

A new (debut) EP of country-rock from the local four-piece. Some good playing here, and when Sephus Lee concentrates on the traditional folk-blues stuff, it comes out well. Something — maybe in the recording, maybe in the songs — feels a little lacking on the more rock-like tunes. (The interplay between instruments on "Gallows" leaves something to be desired.) But overall, a nice first effort, with plenty of promise.


Ira Soul
Soulful Hip Hop
(Listen Now Records)

A full-length collection of R&B from the local singer/rapper, with production from Black Inc. The funky production has its hits and misses, but on the whole helps keep the album fresh, with deep, bassy beats; more unconventional songs like "Switchin'" are winners. It can be tough not to get repetitive if your quarry is all love songs and sex jams, but this one actually gets better as it goes on instead of getting stale.

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