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New Releases

Recent music from Rob Eldridge and Steve Pellegrino


Rob Eldridge
Rooms Full of Gardens

Rob Eldridge, known for his band Steelesque, departs a bit from his classic-rock roots to present Rooms Full of Gardens. One might guess that in preparation for this solo effort, Eldridge has been listening to more Wilco and The Kinks than The Rolling Stones. The vocals are soft, the lyrics introspective and poetic, and while the percussion is primarily of the machine variety, it adds an edgy element rather than cheapening the experience. Definitely worth a spin or two.

-- Seth Pfannenschmidt


Steve Pellegrino
Il Etude de Hypno und ... Dragging the Stone

The prolific local accordionist and provocateur returns with his band on nine tracks, eight of which he composed himself and one of which is a collaborative effort. They range from dancey and jazzy to a surf-rock tune on which Pellegrino ditches the accordion in favor of a guitar. (That song, by the way, is called "Einzinger Anruf (Pa. One Call)," and is "dedicated to the new millennial conquistadors — the frackers and their leader — El Corbatto," according to the liner.) Some fun tracks on here, and quite well arranged for accordion, sax (Phil Bergen) and drums (Mike Yaklich).


-- Andy Mulkerin

Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary
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Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary

By Mars Johnson