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New Releases

Recent work from The Beauregards, The Damaged Pies and sound-collage artist David R. Mooney


The Beauregards
Eat at Beau's

The Beauregards — Pittsburgh-born, currently doing time at Ohio University — continue their good work on this four-song EP. Clean, poppy indie rock that's reminiscent of the late '90s and early '00s (think Engine Down and the like, even Joan of Arc here and there). Extra points for food-themed song titles like "Boston Creme Pie" and "Chicken Salad." This one's worth picking up.


The Damaged Pies
The Best of the Damaged Pies Volume II

A collection of 18 tracks from the band spearheaded by Steve Bodner, with help from plenty of others. (Three drummers are represented here, as are two vocalists in addition to Bodner himself.) Mostly lo-fi alt rock; Bodner's writing is at its best on the louder, less serious tunes like "Y'all in Shock"; sometimes the slower songs plod along a bit. The best of the lot is the final, live track, "Just Like Monkees With Guns" — the live recording captures the band's fun energy.

David R. Mooney
Interior Landscape

This hour-long sound sculpture is theoretically divided into five tracks, but it's really one long, evolving piece derived from field recordings the Squirrel Hill-based artist made aroundPittsburgh. It rests somewhere between straight ambient soundscape work and the more structured, sample-based stuff we've gotten from Steve Reich or, more recently, Nick Zammuto. Street sounds, people sounds, unrecognizable computery stuff — it's all put together masterfully. Not a windows-down driving album, but something to really concentrate on.