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New releases

New releases from The Lopez, Zom and recent transplant Jackson Scott


The Lopez

Three new tracks of fuzz-pop from the duo that, presumably, is fixating on a cat here, given that the songs are called "Furriest One," "Kingdom of Cat Piss" and "Fur Babies." Pop sensibility and a sense of snotty silliness pervade; fans of The B-52s, Bratmobile and Le Tigre would all do well to give this pink vinyl a spin.

THE LOPEZ 7-INCH RELEASE. With WEIRD PAUL AND BEN BLANCHARD, OC FEEF. 7 p.m. Sat., Aug. 17. Mr. Roboto Project, 5106 Penn Ave., Bloomfield. $5. All ages.


Jackson Scott
(Fat Possum)

Although Jackson Scott isn't from Pittsburgh, they tell me he's living here now — but for the many tour dates he's in the middle of. The young songwriter's Fat Possum debut came out a few weeks ago, and it's full of well-written psyche-tinged pop, lo-fi and reminiscent of the weirdest Olivia Tremor Control stuff. He doesn't play in Pittsburgh until October, but that gives you a couple of months to familiarize yourself with all the twists and turns of the album before you inevitably decide you need to see him live.



Six-track EP of stoner-rock tunes from ex-members of Dofka and Shovel Duck. Impeccable recording, big sounds and plenty of those earworm-y riffs that stoner bands do so well. The sprawling, sinister-but-pretty "Solitary" provides a nice respite from the otherwise mid-paced, churning tunes on the rest of the album; if you're into growling vocals and sweet riffs, this one is worth checking out for sure.