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New Releases

Recent work by Western Pennsylvania, The Red Western and Jupiter Vinyl


Western Pennsylvania 
Born Again Blues

The cover of Born Again Blues — two shadowy, blurry figures, one in a cowboy hat, the other in a white shirt and tie — gives a sense of how this strange little record sounds: mysterious, dream-like and anonymous ...  though anonymity doesn't seem to be a goal of songwriters Jeff Betten and Joseph Ripple. It took two listens to find the buried vocals, three to hear any instrument besides bare-bones folk guitar and banjo. It may be a few more listens before song structures begin to rise from this aural landscape, but I feel confident they will. 

— Margaret Welsh

WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA with POLAR SCOUT, ADAM LEVINE. 9 p.m. Sat., Jan. 12. Howlers Coyote Café, 4509 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield. $5. 412-682-0320


The Red Western
There's a Fire

The local five-piece's second release is a six-song EP, anticipating the spring release of a split LP with Grand Piano. While 2011's debut was country-flavored, here we find The Red Western turning a bit more toward Sundays-style jangly pop; there are country moments (especially the record-closer, "Boatman's Lament"), but they're tempered. The result is a genuine feel that says The Red Western is settling into its identity as a band. Recommended. 

— Andy Mulkerin


Jupiter Vinyl
Lazy Ash Tree

Ten cute folk-y songs from the local duo of Corinne Bohjanen and Edward Horey. Nice songs, performed well and easy on the ears. A guitar-and-bass duo can be a shaky proposition, but these two pull it off well. On CD now, but they're also planning a vinyl version — with a name like that, how could they not? 

— Andy Mulkerin

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