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New Local Release: This Side of Eve's Solace

This Side of Eve

Solace is a record that feels organic, as if recorded in a familiar space in an intimate place of creation, and that’s because it was. The 10-song album was recorded in This Side of Eve’s home studio dubbed the “Backroom.” As a result, many of the songs feature natural sounds and other ambience granted by the natural world around them. For example, on “Drifted,” the sounds of a rainstorm mingle with gentle finger-picked melodies to create a calming energy, and noises from crickets and other insects sneak their way onto the somber “Haunting.” 

“Solace in the Land” is one of the few tracks that features any drums, and the percussion here is consistent and simple, providing a foundation upon which airy synths and touches of electric guitar can play. 

This Side of Eve has created an album ideal for putting on during meditation, morning stretching, a walk home in the gently falling snow, or your gentle drift into slumber at day’s end.