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From the Lion's Mouth
Kill Rock Stars

Got a significantly strong threshold for light 'n' fluffy '60s pop? You'd better if you plan to make it through the first track on From the Lion's Mouth -- a weepy love song about a girl's little dog -- without voluntarily employing the gag reflex. But even those who prefer their indie-pop fast, cheap and out of control are highly advised to keep listening. Because while Nedelle's songwriting theme of preference might be limited to puppies and old loves lost, her imitation of the Captain & Tennille school of songwriting is so refreshingly spot-on that it's nearly impossible not to get into the sunshiny spirit of things after, say, two or three tracks. And although the majority of these songs are 'round-the-campfire acoustic numbers, a good selection of strings, and even the brass family, nicely rounds out the production.


Nedelle claims to have launched her recording career because of an obsession with the arrangements of Burt Bacharach, so it's little surprise that she's something of a softie. Even the album's artwork pictures her wandering through an empty zoo, surrounded by cartoon jungle animals. But try pausing the cynicism button for the half-hour it takes to get through Nedelle's solo debut, and you might just discover one of this era's most clever acoustic artists.

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