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Mr. Peabody & Sherman

The 1960s TV-cartoon time-travel adventurers take a trip to the big screen


It seems no bit of pop culture can be left un-updated, so here's a big-budget, big-screen, 3-D computer-animated version of the 1960s Jay Ward cartoon from the Rocky and Bullwinkle TV show.

And while Rob Minkoff's film is well produced and fun, it does beg the question: Who is the intended audience? Aging baby boomers who fondly recall the time-traveling, smarty-pants dog Mr. Peabody and his adopted human son, Sherman? The ones who presumably get the jokes about Oedipus, Midnight Cowboy and even a throwaway about Bill Clinton's infamous troubles in office? Or is it for today's kids, who will sit still for anything cute, colorful and juiced up with a few fart jokes and madcap chases?

Perhaps it's just another question mark along the fractured space-time continuum that causes Mr. Peabody and Sherman so much comic trouble. Go for the easy laughs, and leave the big mysteries to the dogs.