Moonwalkers | Screen | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


A comedy about a hapless crew hired to fake footage of the moon-landing

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s comedy riffs on the popular conspiracy theory that the Apollo 11 moon-landing was faked, with the famed footage of men walking on the moon created in a studio by 2001: A Space Odyssey director Stanley Kubrick. Here, a special-ops guy named Kidman (Ron Perlman) is tasked by the CIA to go to London and hire Kubick for this secret production. But in a series of farcical mishaps, Kidman enlists a struggling band manager (Rupert Grint); a stoner who kind of looks like Kubrick; and a German filmmaker who makes art films. (Also in the mix, a crew of London villains, looking for some cash.) It’s an amusing enough shaggy-dog story, with some good bits (Perlman does stoically funny quite well; super art direction and set dressing). For a tale about a faked moon-landing, it’s more bloody than you’d expect — and in its last moments, more wistful and sentimental.