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Monsters University

Boo! See how the Pixar scary monsters met and honed their skills


Learn how the gang of professional scarers came together in this prequel to the 2001 Pixar hit Monsters Inc. Short answer: They met in college. Billy Crystal and John Goodman once again provide voices for Mike and Sulley, respectively, in Dam Scanlon's digitally animated comedy. Naturally, the two don't get along — until they do — but their real adversaries are the Big Monsters on Campus, whom they face in a competition (shades of Hunger Games and Hogwarts). Disney's acquisition of Pixar seems particularly evident here: the unnecessary second film; the more generic plotline; and the distinct feeling that many, many related toys are for sale. That said, this isn't a bad film — the animation is top-notch, the balance of jokes-to-sentiment is about right, and who can't help but root for a plucky green ball with one giant eye?

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