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Mars Jackson and Cam Chambers are quite the pair in new single 'Look Up'

click to enlarge Mars Jackson and Cam Chambers are quite the pair in new single 'Look Up'
Photo: Chancelor Humphrey
Mars Jackson
Happy (belated) birthday, Mars Jackson! Yesterday the Pittsburgh-based musician celebrated his journey into this world with the release of "Look Up." The song is Jackson's first single since he dropped "Heart Dance" ahead of his 2018 album Good Days Never Last Forever.

Unlike the pessimistic title of Good Days Never Last Forever, "Look Up", which mixes jazz and hip-hop influences, is uplifting, even though the content may not seem so. Jackson tells the story of his life growing up without a father. But he stays positive with lyrics like "Keep shining your light, and you'll find your way." 

The tune comes at a time when people around the world could use a reminder to stay positive.

The song means a lot to me, but more importantly I feel as though right now our community needs all the positive energy and love and encouragement amongst a lot of other things happening in the world with the virus, or even with whatever you were battling or dealing with before all this happened," says Jackson.

In addition to Jackson's melodic rapping  "I only got one life so I'm gonna follow my heart"   is Cam Chambers' husky and soulful vocals, which takes "Look Up" a step farther from "great" to "excellent." Whenever Chambers comes onto the track, the beat changes to match his expressive and slowed down musical delivery. It's the cherry on top of Jackson's already possible breakout song.

"Look Up," produced by DanSully and Bobby Webster, is available to listen to now on all streaming services. Stay tuned, as Jackson plans to release his sophomore album, Be Better Tomorrow, this fall. Until then, Jackson wants his supporters and listeners of his music to "Look up and continue to press through this time of uncertainty no matter what the outcome is."