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LuRose introduces herself with a 'Sweet' and warming single

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Right away, LuRose's vocals draw listeners into her debut release, "Sweet." The single opens with the lyrics, "In the summer breeze, with you next to me / I cannot take it," overtop an easygoing, acoustic R&B beat.

"Sugar on your lips, lemonade-dipped kiss / Soft, as I graze it" she continues, before easing into the soft and airy chorus, "You taste so sweet, sweet."

But unlike the tropical feel, the song was born during an episode of cabin fever back in January.
click to enlarge LuRose introduces herself with a 'Sweet' and warming single
"Sweet" cover art

"Living in Pittsburgh, we get some of the dreariest weather, and it can really take a toll," says LuRose, whose real name is Jenna Cicero. "It’s ironic looking back on that feeling now, but the only way I knew how to deal with feeling that way was to turn it into a positive and write about the anticipation for warmer weather and better days.

"I feel like that same excitement you feel when you see and feel the summer air for the first time is the same excitement you feel when you’re in love for the first time too. So it really was inspired by that feeling of love and excitement for the future."

"Sweet" is the first piece of music Cicero has released under the LuRose moniker, and it's an amazingly strong premier. Cicero sounds self-assured, her voice clear and welcoming.

"The week I wrote 'Sweet,' I had planned to go into the studio to record a different song," says Cicero. "It was the quickest and easiest song I had ever written. Not easy as in simple, but it came to me so naturally, like I didn’t have to force anything. I sent a voice memo of me singing and playing guitar to it to my producer [Harrison Wargo] and he was all in ... we just kind of knew that was the song. It’s lighthearted and something people can look forward to, and I think that’s super important right now for everyone."

It's Cicero's hope to release her first EP by the end of the summer, but she doesn't know when she'll be able to finalize things in the studio during coronavirus. Until then, however, we can enjoy "Sweet," which she says is like the cherry on top of the forthcoming project.

"My EP is a mixture of two things: honest healing and praising the transition into better days, and I feel like 'Sweet' is the latter," says Cicero. "It wouldn’t be me without some sassy melodic songs in it so definitely prepare for those, but 'Sweet' is just a taste of some of the more upbeat and fun songs to jam to."