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Listen to posthumous Mac Miller song 'The Sun Room'

Listen to posthumous Mac Miller song 'The Sun Room'
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Fans mourn Mac Miller at a memorial vigil after the artist’s death in September.
Another posthumous Mac Miller song is making its rounds on the internet.

Discovered on Soundcloud, “The Sun Room (Somewhere In Space),” seems to be a rough draft of the opening song on Miller's 2013 album Watching Movies with the Sound Off. Besides having an extremely similar name to his song "The Star Room," the opening lyrics in "The Sun Room" are the ending lyrics in "The Star Room."

Don't you ever wanna hide away
Poseidon triumph in the eyes of rain
Won't give a fuck about tomorrow if I die today
I'll greet the devil with a smilin' face
Shit, that god fellow may reside in space
See, time's a wasting I'm freebasing with Freemasons
My girl's switchin' the locks, the keys keep changin'
Dreamin' of places my own personal creations
If death a party in heaven, I plan to leave wasted
Retracin' my steps way back to biblical times
We-we all gon' end up meetin' at the finishin' line

While "The Sun Room" is not as polished as "The Star Room," it is still nice to hear more content from the late Pittsburgh artist. Listen to the track below.

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