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Like Crazy

It’s a shambolic road trip, marked by giddiness, petty crime and emotional meltdowns in this Italian dramedy


This Italian dramedy from Paolo Virzi (Human Capital) begins at a rather charming and sprawling country estate, which has been converted into a residential psychiatric facility for women. There we meet Beatrice (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), who is loud, brash, imperious and constantly boasting of her upper-class connections out in the real world. When a new patient is admitted, Beatrice takes the fragile Donatella (Micaela Ramazzotti) under her wing. Soon after, Beatrice, who is above and beyond any rules, sees a chance for the two to escape.

Thus, the pair embark on a shambolic road trip, marked by giddiness, petty crime and the sort of emotional meltdowns that draw the women closer. They find a loose quest — Donatella is seeking her young son, of whom she has lost custody — and the various encounters with the women’s relatives fill in the blanks about their chaotic and ultimately rather sad lives.

Still, the film, which cycles between madcap and melodramatic, offers a heady dose of female empowerment, whether in the form of this supportive friendship, the fight for personal agency or the revelation of the many men who have contributed to these two women’s instability. There is also plenty of gorgeous sunny Tuscan scenery.

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