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Leap Year

Ireland is the perfect place for a pre-honeymoon, in this predictable rom-com

Following what she believes to be an Irish tradition, Anna (Amy Adams) plans to propose to her boyfriend on Feb. 29, while he's on business in Dublin. So, in Anand Tucker's romantic comedy, off Anna goes to the Emerald Isle. But not so fast -- we've at least 75 minutes of wacky and heart-warming obstacles to get through. (Will the city girl fall in the country mud?) Travel crises leave control-freak Anna in the hands of pub-owner Declan (Matthew Goode), whose easy humor, low-key manner and soulful brown eyes seem just perfect for some lucky gal. (Hint, hint.) It's the same old premise, marginally enlivened by Adams and Goode (both of whom are better than this), and mile upon mile of lovely scenery. Though this Ireland seems curiously absent of other people, except for a dozen of those twee, tweed-cap sorts. Which, I guess, just makes it all the more romantic ...