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Low-ball goofy humor provides the chuckles in this sci-fi comedy

In this modestly budgeted sci-fi comedy from Matt Hullum, four not-very-heroic guys in a small Texas town find 

themselves defending Earth from an alien attack. It’s the result of a mix-up — a real hero, trained in a secret military installation, was supposed to get a super-duper weapon suit supplied by friendly aliens, but there was a delivery issue. Now, each of the four dudes ends up with one piece of the suit — helmet, boots, arms — and must learn to stop squabbling and work together. 

It’s a lot of low-ball goofy humor, but enough of it lands to provide chuckles. The film gets off to a slow start, with a Friday-night football game (inexplicably called from the press box by honky-tonker Dale Watson) and character set-ups. But once the suit pieces get distributed, the pace — and the jokes — pick up.

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