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Last Vegas

A by-the-number comedy trip to Sin City with four slumming actors


Jon Turteltaub's comedy about four childhood friends who take on Las Vegas for a bachelor-party weekend was anything but a good time. There's not much pleasure in seeing Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline squander their talents on what amounts to Grown Ups: The AARP Years. (Robert DeNiro also stars, but he does little else these days but lazy comedies.) It's a predictable checklist of jokes about being old (chiefly, having troubles with the body and "the Google"), juiced up with a pretty big dose of skeevy sexism. Because really, what could be funnier than watching a bunch of old guys shriek in horror at old women's bodies, while openly oogling and macking on a non-stop parade of bikini babes? (Oh, there's some subplot about how Douglas is ill-advisedly marrying a woman who's a third of his age, but that's a plot device, not any meaningful commentary. Please note that the bride-to-be is introduced wearing only skimpy underwear for our oogling.) There's some tacked-on stuff about loyalty, but taking this material at face value, there's no mystery in why these four guys have remained friends since they were teens — they've never actually grown up.

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