JIMINY GLICK IN LA LA WOOD | Screen | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


 "Jiminy Glick" is another of comic actor Martin Short's transformations -- a corpulent, self-absorbed, dull-witted film critic from Montana. Vadim Jean's film supersizes Short's moderately funny parody (formerly of Comedy Central) by transporting the blowhard Glick to the Toronto Film Festival. Glick mixes with real celebs on the red carpet (who won't Keifer Sutherland talk to?) while hounding various fictional composites -- hot actor who wants to direct, over-managed has-been starlet, rappers-turned-actors. Skewering Hollywood's manic PR machine and its attendant phony-baloney-ness is such a wide target that it's baffling how frequently Short misses. It doesn't help that Short makes Glick unsympathetic and irritating, or that he decides to add a clunky murder-mystery subplot. The most entertaining sequence of the film makes no sense, and that's Short's dead-on impersonation of kooky filmmaker David Lynch. In sum, for dedicated Glick fans only. (AH)