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Indie Bookseller Spotlight: New releases at City Books

Indie Bookseller Spotlight is a regular column listing new releases at Pittsburgh book shops. Support local businesses and find your next favorite read.

Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens (Penguin Random House)
Head to the Old West in this novel about an orphaned teen girl who, in 1877, turns to sex work in a Dodge City brothel, where her peace and stability are threatened by new arrivals to the town.

Nineteen Claws and a Blackbird by Agustina Bazterrica, translated by Sarah Moses (Simon & Schuster)
This collection from Argentine author Agustina Bazterrica contains what Simon & Schuster describes as 19 “brutal, darkly funny short stories” that are “often unsettling, sometimes thrilling, and always profound.”

Zero Dogs by Ruth Ware (Simon & Schuster)
A security specialist becomes a prime suspect after her husband is found murdered. Try on this new thriller from author Ruth Ware, who has been compared favorably to Agatha Christie by various publications.

Mrs. S by K. Patrick (Europa Editions)
Two women are drawn into an intense affair against the backdrop of an elite boarding school for girls in this debut novel from an emerging, Glasgow-based author.

Rivermouth: A Chronicle of Language, Faith, and Migration by Alejandra Oliva (Penguin Random House)
A Mexican-American translator and immigrant justice activist penned this all-too timely memoir about her experience at the U.S.-Mexico border, where she has worked with asylum seekers since 2016.

City Books. 908 Galveston Ave., North Side.